Falls Clinic

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Anyone may have a fall, but older adults are more likely to fall than others. This is mainly due to them being more likely to have long-term health conditions that can increase the chances of a fall. A falls clinic is held every Tuesday at the Bridgewell Centre in Bracknell, to which you can either refer yourself, via the number below, or you may be referred by your doctor. The clinic is staffed by practitioners from health and social care and this allows a full assessment to be carried out, with any suggestions able to be dealt with by the appropriate member of staff.  Your GP would be sent a letter telling them about the assessment.

If needed, you may be invited onto a “Positive Steps Programme”  where you would complete a balance and strength exercise programme and receive advice on healthy eating, home hazards and how to get up after safely after a fall. The “Positive Steps Programme” is held at the Bridgewell Centre on a Wednesday afternoon over a six week period.

For those people unable to get to clinic, transport can be arranged.

If you would like more information or a referral please contact Adult Social Care on:

Who to contact

01344 351500

Where to go

Venue address
Bridgewell Centre, 10a  Ladybank
RG12 7HA

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